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Beautiful Evenings

So much has been written about morning and evening routines. I heartily acknowledge they matter and that is why I am unhappy with my current evening routine. Oh my evenings - especially when my husband is of town for work - you are a motley bunch these days.

Bedraggled, dim-witted, limp.

Horsewhipped, drooling, half-there.

I guess my lack of will power really shows up after the children are in bed, the dishes are done, and any other mandatory chore is finished. (This sentence sounds like a humble brag, but c'mon, we're adults...we do what we have to do before calling it a day. I know you do.)

I definitely have time after that to do something wonderful - an hour - before I need to hit the hay, but I usually waste it. And by waste it, I don't mean sipping tea and watching the sunset on the front porch.

That would be brain surgery compared to what I actually do.

Yes, and what is that you wonder?

Scroll Facebook for no reason

Watch reruns of Frasier

Nothing wrong with either thing, in moderation, but what a way to spend an evening. Lame.

Somehow, I have brain-mush after 8 p.m. And I'm not being judgmental or harsh on myself...I know better, because I know what really makes me feel great in the evening. What makes a beautiful evening?

Hot bath and good book

Good book and cup of tea

Meatloaf sandwich and good book

Watch sunset, do some yoga, play a few of Beethoven's slow pieces on the piano, read good book in bed

(Do you see a pattern?)

Above all, mindfully and intentionally end the day with a clear and thankful mind.

How about you? How are your evenings going? Are they as beautiful as you want them to be?

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