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Dale and I had fancy drinks and sushi at a rooftop bar in Bellevue on Saturday night.

It had been a dream of mine since I'd heard about these outdoor, high-flying glamour hubs. And it was glamorous. It was high - thirty-one floors high - and the summer night sparkled with lights, airplanes, and stars. Utterly perfect.

I realized that night that even a glamorous setting requires the ease of mind and heart to enjoy it.

As do everyday things...

Like bathing toddlers.

Like cleaning out a closet.

Like sitting in a little restaurant sipping a creamsicle smoothie, writing and thinking.

No magical moment or place exists which doesn't require from its participant the attention to enjoy its delights.

Frown on any moment's annoyances - they exist everywhere - but better to spend the energy stilling one's mind and slowing one's racing heart.

Deepen, slow, quiet.

Feel the wooden chair beneath you, the faint breeze from the AC unit, the soft sounds of conversation behind you.

I'm glad to be here.

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