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Grandma Doris (Apron)

I am enjoying being part of a writing group. We set out some practices for ourselves this summer where we pick a word and then free write about whatever comes to mind for ten minutes. I highly recommend this even if you hate writing. The effect is one of total calm. After those ten minutes of reflecting and writing, it's as if time slows and deep peace settles over my mind. Give it a try yourself and see what I mean. You can use the word I used, if you like...apron.


I like remembering my Grandma Doris' kitchen on Burleigh street, near the park. It had a cotton smell - clean and fresh and nose-burrowingly comforting.

Of course sometimes it smelled like food, probably often, but that's not what I remember. Her kitchen was calm, cool, organized, while ours at home was generally a hot mess. Honestly my mom's food was way better, but Grandma's kitchen was an oasis.

Maybe the reason it was cottony smelling was because my Grandma's true love was her office and sewing room that seemed to spread the whole house with intellectual curiosity and Learning.

Grandma was an elementary school teacher before she retired. She effortlessly carried grammar correction and songs to sing with small children.

She was always reading non-fiction and had multiple sewing projects under iron and needle at any point in the year, but especially leading up to Christmas. I wish I still had the pillowcases she made me each Christmas - each of us grandchildren received one and they were fun and zany and so cozy. My favorite was bright pink with strawberries and lions randomly cavorting.

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12 oct 2019

I love this! It made me laugh in a great way. And now, I'm off to write about apron...

Me gusta
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