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Handwriting Scripture

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

I began watercolor painting earlier this year and I’m not great at it but I find it incredibly peaceful and life-giving – Schole, for sure. I heard Brandy Vencel on the Schole Sisters Podcast (love it, highly recommend it!) talk about how she was handwriting out a book of the Bible for each of her four children to have as a keepsake from her. I was impressed and I want to do something like that. For now, I’m just writing out passages of scripture that I want to remember better. One thing I love about Schole is that it doesn’t have to be amazing, perfect or incredibly beautiful to give life to us. I can spend 30 minutes painting or working on a project and I feel so energized and happy afterwards. It’s WAY worth the time for how I feel the rest of the day!

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