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Home Assessment 5.27.20

I read a while back about how writing a narrative of your day is a great way to get a bird's eye view of how things are going in life; for your children's education, your home atmosphere, etc. The goal is to randomly pick a day and not just a good one! I hope to write one each month in 2020 - it will be interesting and revealing when I look back in 2021. I am specifically thinking about what the little Meadors are learning as they live in our home, so that's my focus. You can read previous posts here:

It's starting to feel like summer weather around here - there's a certain smell that central Washington gets as the heat turns on, and it's wonderful. It smells like sagebrush, growing things, dust, water on dust, and vacation.

After a busy Memorial day weekend, I am feeling the need for healthy food and a quiet day at home. Oatmeal and slices of pear for breakfast, check. Three picture books read while eating, even little Bradley interested, check. Then chores, Sammi and Rex learning to unload the dishwasher cheerfully, and Sammi emptying bathroom garbages, while I whirl around cleaning up dishes, starting laundry, generally tidying.

Since the weather grows hot, I am searching for a way to exercise before the punishing sun gets too warm, so as early as possible we head out to bike and run. Rex has mastered the balance bike and Sammi is a mean two wheeler, they seriously are amazing at it and I credit Dale for coaching them to success.

A favorite loop of ours is about 1.6 miles which is good for us at this point. I have no doubt they will soon be leaving me in the dust.

We see a girl riding her bike along and Sammi asks me where her mom and dad are. I tell her that when you grow older you can ride bikes by yourself or with friends. Her mind is blown. I think she feels scared and excited by the news.

Once we're back it's swimsuits and kiddie pool play until lunch. All that playing is hunger inducing and they ask for a snack. "Nope, but I'll bring lunch soon." I am trying an experiment on them today. (That's normal, right?)

Here it is: I want a civilized quiet lunch. I need it. And I think Rex needs a nap but has been resisting it, I wonder if getting him down a bit earlier than normal might help.

So I feed the children outside a snacky lunch of cheese, crackers, olives, carrots, apples, pistachios, and plenty of cold water and then whisk them into their rooms by noon. I don't think they even realized it was earlier than usual.

Meanwhile I had started some mushrooms to saute in a pan and when Dale comes in for lunch we sit outside to enjoy lemony mushrooms and parmesan scrambled eggs with beet greens.

It was relaxing and Bradley was happy to be alone with us. He is entertained by his siblings but I think gets overwhelmed by the noise and activity. So, the experiment was a partial success. The other part is Will Rex Take a Nap?

No, that didn't work so quiet time ends at 2 and while Bradley sleeps on, Sammi and Rex get back into pool clothes.

I make us blueberry banana smoothies and Sammi takes one to Dale in his office. She comes back beaming because she got to say "Hi"to his meeting participant via Zoom.

Our little neighbor is turning one and we walk and bike over to eat cupcakes and wish him well. He's a cutie. We have the most amazing neighborhood with kind, patient people.

Once back, Bradley gets a cat nap and the kids play in the pool while I prep the asparagus pizza and cheesy bread for the grill. Somewhere in there I weed the small veggie garden and then splash in the pool, too.

With everything ready for dinner we head out on a short bike ride to the parking lot near us and it's hot, but fun. Dinner on the patio is perfect because it's shaded at that time and I will grill pizza a lot this summer; it tastes fabulous and doesn't heat up the house.

At seven kids are in bed, though not asleep except for Bradley, and the day wraps up. It is the first summery day for us of 2020, what a treat. I notice as I walk around the house that the kids weren't inside for more than breakfast and quiet time - how fun for them and how nice for the housecleaning part of my brain. I spent hours outside as a child, and I am glad they get to, too. If everyday is like this this summer, we will be living the high life.

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