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Looking For Great Conversations

I recently took a trip back to Indiana to visit family and friends. It was only my fourth time back to visit the land of my husband’s birth and the stomping grounds of his youth, but it was the best visit ever.


It was marked with great conversations.

Whether a small group in the waning hours of an evening, a private chat on a shaded back porch, or a large table of people after Sunday dinner (lunch for those of us on the west coast) I felt I had true and vulnerable connections with people.

I left challenged, interested, satisfied, and curious to learn more about machinations of the people close to me and those I barely know.

My favorite realization so far is that by being truly myself, others feel more comfortable to be themselves too. I mean that by not keeping all things good and bad bottled up, I was letting others see the real Melina: imperfect but fun. And I was so happy to see in others the same thing! People are so hilarious and wise and maddening and weird.

I’m not sure why this trip held these moments but it was what I needed. I think part of it comes from the last year and a half of learning to be “bigger” – or, not hiding behind convention but speaking up with real opinions. Even if the opinion is flawed, or illogical, or selfish, it reveals a meeting point for two minds to have a true understanding of each other. And that provides growth.

How about you? Looking for some great conversations this summer? Let’s go after them.

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