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Moving Along Helps Me – Does it You?

I read this morning that some people write after they have a clear plan, and some write with no plan. For that second group, the plan emerges AS they write. They end up throwing out a lot of the words (“freewriting” or “vomit writing”) but the process of getting words onto paper really matters. It’s where the ideas take shape, and clarity comes.

I feel this way about my entire life. I say “Yes, I can do that!” without really knowing what I’m getting into. Sometimes, there’s a lot of stress involved, but I’ve said yes because I WANT to. And that WANT is a huge driver for me.

My husband is the strategist in our marriage, and I appreciate that skill. His strength has helped me hone in on what it is I want, rather than be a hodge-podge of scattered ideas. Sometimes, though, brilliant ideas come from scattered ideas. And some of my favorite moments in life were because I followed a rabbit trail.

Know thyself. Draw from other strengths. But know thyself. I need to be doing in order for inspiration to strike, otherwise I’ll be endlessly organizing and not end up doing anything.

How about you?

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