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Revolutionize Your Day With This Tool

This is for everyone but especially the stay-at-home-moms and homemakers of the world: here is the oomph you need to thrive today.

And it's so simple, and free.

It does take an incredible amount of discipline, but you already have that in droves.

First, some questions:

Do you feel that if you made a checklist each day with all you absolutely had to get done- let alone wanted to get done- you would have at least 100 items to what's the point?

Are you suspended in that shadow land of babies, toddlers, and children where each moment is precious but you sometimes spend your entire day just keeping everyone alive?

Do you miss working at a job where you had feedback, paychecks, incentive to keep learning, and coffee breaks?

THIS IS SO FOR YOU. And here it is:

When you plan your week, decide on each day's top priority.

Write it down, tell your husband or your friend, check it off when you get it done, and write a big star or a "Hooray!" next to it...and then prioritize it again each following day.

Here is my current week of top priorities so you get a picture of what I'm talking about:

Monday: Declutter pots/pans, utensils, baking tools

Tuesday: Watch the CIRCE Institute's The Brothers Karamazov webinar

Wednesday: Clean van

Thursday: Have important but uncomfortable conversation with _____

Friday: Prep for a fantastic weekend

Currently, I don't set priorities for the weekend though that may be worthwhile.


Getting things done is the obvious one but not the most important one. In my opinion that follows...

A sense of accomplishment that was missing in my day - so much to do, and not enough energy (toddlers and pregnancy are wonderful seasons for ahem...lots of rest) and an actual daily (single) goal met feels like a HUGE accomplishment.

Whatever your future plans are for work and career, this tool is something that will serve you well. Your future bosses, clients, co-workers, and ultimately your bottom line will be well served by the investment NOW in your skills and habits of ethic and focus.

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