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Season of Slippage

I set out to make 2019 the year of writing and of reading Shakespeare. I've been plugging away on my laid out plans to do just that when I hit a season of slippage. It’s like I can NOT get any traction under my shoes. I’m just (barely) running gingerly and hardly getting anywhere!

Maybe I set the bar too high and that’s why the angst has happened, but I’ve experienced this before – this sudden will-power puniness or lightheadedness – and I just wonder where it comes from, and why. It’s part of me, it’s like an old frenemy, “Oh you? You’re back. Darn.”

I have learned that it comes and it will go. But it’s so frustrating when I was reading and writing and hitting my well-thought-out goals with dedicated work and now I’m struggling along to do the smallest task to move the goal along. Enough complaining about it. Just wanted to share my life in case you were thinking all was ease and comfort over here in my world.

I’d rather end this with a beautiful quote that’s completely unrelated. I am reading Hannah Coulter by Wendell Berry again this spring. I read it last spring and loved it, and it just seems to be a fresh start kind of book to me. I think that's what I need.

How’s this for a good description of the married life?

“And so I had put myself in Nathan’s hands, mindful also that he had put himself in mine.”

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Melina Meador
Melina Meador
Jun 04, 2019

Yes, I am so much better at embracing the incoming rush of it flows away from me I feel like a toddler wanting to throw a tantrum! Thanks so much.


May 15, 2019

Remember what Anne Morrow Lindbergh taught us? Embrace the ebb as well as the incoming tides. Take this opportunity to rest a bit. A slack in motivation can be a signal to rest or change your pace. But oh! It’s hard!

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