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A Mini Habit to Make Stillness Part of Your Daily Life

"Because he knew no quiet within him, he does not retain anything he desires." Job 20:20

"Solitude, stillness, and silence are the life-saving corrections to the absurdity we've fallen into - the addictions or whatever is out of control in our lives." Chris Heuretz in The Sacred Enneagram

Sitting in silence for the first part of my morning routine always starts with the same thought: Is this a waste of time?

I really enjoy the routine I have each morning, and starting with 10 minutes of silence is part one of that routine. However I find myself thinking every time, shall I just move on then? because it doesn't seem to be working instantly. (I'm not even sure what that means!)

But hush, I sleepily remind my brain, just let it be.

And so I do and then, slowly, my thoughts start to stretch and yawn and grow limber and there are more thoughts and then, like microbes unseen but reproducing, there are more thoughts and suddenly I don't want to go on to the other parts of the morning; I'm glad to have this mental luxury of stillness. I realize it's value. It's working! (Still not sure what that means other, really.)

I guess "it's working"looks like:

-Better understanding of what I need to tackle, or do, or lean in towards

-Clarity and tranquility around problems and stressors

-Words to use when I pray instead of a general commotion in my heart and mind

-Being comfortable in my own sweet, scarred, vulnerable, child-of-God self

I like all those things, and keep on needing them afresh each day. So STILLNESS.

Perhaps like me, you wonder how to get stillness embedded into your day. I advocate for first thing in the morning but you could find another day part that works better for you. Immediately after lunch? Before bed?

And to make it successfully into your day, might I suggest starting with a minute of silence? A small moment to breathe deeply five times in a row. Nothing more. Let the happiness of doing it easily propel you eventually (maybe) to longer moments.

Enjoy it! Tranquility, my friend.

Photo credit "Nothing Ahead" Pexels

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