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Celebration - My New Life Goal (This Involves Champagne)

Last Saturday night my husband and I opened a bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne. We were celebrating several things: my husband’s birthday, the ending of a business relationship that was toxic at best and the start of a new season. Neither of us, or the friends we had invited over to celebrate with us, had ever enjoyed expensive champagne before. This specific bottle was a gift to us (from aforementioned toxic business – ah, the irony!) and we googled it to discover that it was selling for about $180. That really upped the enjoyment before we even opened the bottle. Haha.

That bottle was delicious! I have heard people rave about champagne and I thought they must be silly. But I can see that my normal Cook’s brand was just not the same thing. I was the silly one. And the sharing of that bottle in celebration has made me think that while I would never normally purchase a bottle of anything for $180, the truth is that perhaps every year should contain one celebration that is pure extravagance. That’s a new life goal of mine anyway. How about you? Would you splurge on a bottle of champagne?

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