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Giving Each Other Room

While it is only March 2nd, Ellensburg is being honored with an early Spring. All the earth feels the swelling out, the tremble of weeds and buds , the stir to dig in the dirt, the need for sandwiches for dinner.


I watch our 15 month old work hard at climbing over the red tricycle, I see him intently take shovel edge to rocks and dirt, I notice his glances at swooping doves, and I am reminded that we are certainly created in God's image. A small toddler, not yet speaking more than five words, shows such lively intelligence.

I like stepping back from getting in the middle of my children's messes and doings. We circle in and out of each other's doings all day. The closest moments are Circle Time, which is the majority of our school day (it lasts around 45 minutes) and then meals, and waking up and going to bed. The rest of time my main goal is to live my life while they live theirs and we pass each other to give high fives, hugs, spankings, nose wipes. Of course there are lots of times where I wish I could hide away from all interaction and read a novel in my bedroom, but I rarely do that. My children are at the ages where they need me a lot still, but not as much as they did. I love seeing the self sufficiency blossom. And I love how we like to see each other when we haven't been all in each other's business for too long.

Just learning to give room, to let be. This is what I'm learning and enjoying today.

Photo by Vanessa Garcia from Pexels

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