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How to Take a Solid Driver's License Photo

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

You'll notice I didn't say GLAMOROUS, that is asking too much of a picture taken in the glare of fluorescent lighting, but you can take a solid one.

Take it from me: I am not photogenic, but I've had a lot of professional photos taken of me over the years and I even had (this is not a joke)...modeling coaching for my face. Yep, this face. Yep, coached by a coach who works with models on how to get their face to work for them and not against them. Not because I'm a model but because I was so un-photogenic my producer (I used to be a musician full time) begged me to work on it. Basically my face froze when a camera came out and it became a liability.

So I did, and I got better and I'm here to share some thoughts on how to take a driver's license photo that will not embarrass you when you flash your ID. Solid.

First step: Open your eyes and at the same time, raise your lower lid just a bit. You don't want that white space between your pupil and lower lid. There is a technical name for that area when it shows in a photograph- I can't remember what it's called- but it's not flattering. So don't squint but practice looking in a mirror and slightly raising that lower part of your eye.

Second step: Lower your chin a tinch.

Third step: Do fix your hair and put on some make up. Just a bit (especially on your lips) makes you look a bit more polished altogether.

Fourth step: Lower your shoulders and breath and think happy thoughts while you are there for that two seconds in front of that little camera. You got this. The camera wants to love you, let it. (That's foofy advice but it helps to believe that.)

Extra tip: Wear a blouse/top that doesn't cut off your neck. (See pic below. I think I'd choose a different shirt than the second picture's shirt.)

That's it. You will have a solid picture, one you don't have to cringe over, though those are funny, too. I wish I had saved some of my cringe-worthy ones. But I didn't.

Here are my last two though, where I put these tips into play. Again, not glamorous but I'm happy with them. You will be, too, with YOURS. Let me know how it goes.

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