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Running Around the Outside of the House

Back when school began I was looking for the right way to begin our formal school hours.

I had heard of people playing the same song each morning which saves the calling out of "School is starting" up the stairs, and could potentially get everyone happily moving to the beat or loftily aspiring to think grand thoughts.

I had considered ringing an old fashioned bell. (This was what I begged my mom to start our homeschool day with when I was about seven.)

When it came down to the first day of school though, I chose to have us all run around the house twice and do 25 jumping jacks.

It has proven to be the right choice for us at this point in time.

Sometimes it's a quick run. Sometimes it's a group run and team effort to count out the jumping jacks together. Sometimes there are solo efforts and I'll look at the window and see four year old Rex, hands in pockets, deep in thought as he ponders whatever he is thinking about. I don't mind if it isn't always a run. Sometimes the beauty of the outdoors just stops you in your tracks.

I am finding that besides the benefit of the outside burst of fresh air, the birdsong, the stillness, it's also a time to get blood flowing after a hearty breakfast. And it provides time to build camaraderie or space if someone needs to think a bit before settling down to the weighty matters of school.

Man, school is so much fun these days. This has been such a joyful season. I hope it is for you, too. If it isn't, I hope you can find some outside time to help restore your soul and brighten the darkness.

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