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Summer Pregnancy

Well, feeling the baby halfway through this pregnancy is awesome. I sit down in my bedroom reading chair and lift my big legs onto the ottoman and little jumps and twirls almost instantly fill my belly.

Being pregnant has become uncomfortable quickly this time around. I enjoyed the majority of Sammi and Rex’s time in utero but have yet to enjoy this little one’s turn. At 21 weeks along I was hoping I would be all settled in and looking cutely pregnant but instead the expression “beached whale” comes to mind. People keep asking when I'm due and their faces register shock when I say "November". My face looks tired and I am so excited to lay down at any point in the day – after breakfast, after lunch, before dinner, bedtime at 7:45 p.m. anyone?

I have been toying with vowing to never say “I am tired” in conversation the rest of this pregnancy; it’s all I would say and how boring is that? I DO have other thoughts besides this ever-pressing one.

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

I picked fresh apricots before dinner today and the sticky ripe fruit had dropped all along the ground. I tried to avoid stepping in the concrete-laced jam. I took my time selecting small, scented fruit from heavy limbs; it smelled so plushly of summer. I joyfully filled up my plastic bowl with my favorite fruit.

And I did step in some stickiness and my sandals got smudged.

But I came home with something good

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